food donations for the city food drive
The city will collect donations for the food bank during your waste collection day this week, November 19 to 23. Place food items out by the road by 8 a.m.
Due to Remembrance Day holiday and high wind warnings in the forecast there are additional changes to the garbage and recycling schedule this week.
Halloween craft mason jars decorated to look like Jack o'Lanterns
Halloween is an exciting time for trick-or-treaters and the City of St. John's want to ensure all the ghosts and goblins are safe while having fun.
Mile One
Interview with Mayor Danny Breen and Councillor Sandy Hickman about the future of Mile One and the Convention Centre.
Understanding the Budget text with image of an open head with calculator and paper above
Understanding the budget and what’s involved in the budgeting process will help you understand how we use your tax dollars to provide the services and programs you have come to expect.

Public Advisory

Road Closure - Clancey Drive

Tue, 2018/11/13 - 7:00am
Clancey Drive from Lake Avenue to Lake View Avenue

Road Closure: Portugal Cove Road

Mon, 2018/06/18 - 7:00am
Portugal Cove Road between Elizabeth Avenue and Rennies Mill Road

Welcome to City of St. John's


To encourage parking turnover in areas where there are missing or broken parking meters the City is introducing a temporary solution of ‘Timed Free Parking Zones’.
The City, and St. John’s Sports and Entertainment have signed a lease agreement with the owners of the St. John’s Edge of the National Basketball League of Canada and the Newfoundland Growlers...
shortlist design prototypes of St. John's bike rack design contest
The shortlist prototypes of the bike rack design contest are on display and open to online voting by the public until Friday, Nov. 30.
The City of St. John’s is celebrating National Child Day, a day to celebrate the rights of children everywhere, with a week of free events from Sunday, Nov. 18 to Saturday, Nov. 24.
The swimming pool at the Paul Reynolds Community Centre is closed until December 9.
The City of St. John’s released the findings of its public engagement process for Budget 2019-2021 today. Over 1,000 pieces of feedback have been reviewed and compiled into 15 key theme categories.
Due to the Remembrance Day holiday on Sunday, Nov. 11, City offices will be closed in observance of the holiday on Monday, Nov. 12. Waste and Recycling will not be picked up on Monday.
Access St. John’s is your one stop place for all City services. Find all of your answers to City related questions and services 24 hours a day.
City Guide
The City Guide is a reference publication the City of St. John’s mails to resident homes four times a year - November, February, May and September.
Engagement Logo
The City of St. John’s wants to build a new approach to public engagement – one that facilitates dialogue with the right people, using the right tools

Public Notices

Vehicle Auction

Sat, 2018/11/24 - 9:30am
In accordance with the provision of Section 166 (4) of the City of St. John’s...

Application - 37 Bell's Turn

Tue, 2018/11/27 - 9:30am
A Discretionary Use application has been submitted requesting permission for a...

Application - 10 Merrymeeting Road

Tue, 2018/11/27 - 9:30am
A Discretionary Use application has been submitted by The Shop, SALT Inc....

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