Understanding the Budget text with image of an open head with calculator and paper above
Understanding the budget and what’s involved in the budgeting process will help you understand how we use your tax dollars to provide the services and programs you have come to expect.
addressing rising energy costs
In 2019, the capital city is going to face a number of operational pressures, including anticipated increases to our annual light and power bill...
petty harbour long pond
Information to assist residents in the Petty Harbour Long Pond water service area...
You’re invited to BikeFest on Sunday, September 16, a free cycling event for all ages and abilities in downtown St.John's.
kids playing in the splash pad at Bannerman Park
Splash pads at Bowring Park and Bannerman Park are an alternative to cool down until Monday, Sept. 3, as the outdoor pools are closed for the season.

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As part of ongoing planning and engagement on the upcoming three-year budget plan, the City of St. John’s is distributing a publication via mail which outlines the projected 2019 budget.
The number of discoloured water reports to the City from residents serviced by the Petty Harbour Long Pond Water Supply have significantly decreased.
Residents living in the Petty Harbour Long Pond Water Supply area are asked to please notify the City if they are experiencing discoloured water.
The City of St. John’s invites the public to attend its first community session as part of the planning process for the Bike St. John’s Master Plan on September 17.
The Winter Avenue no-entry restriction via Kings Bridge Road will be removed next week, once permanent speed cushions have been installed as a traffic calming measure on Winter Avenue.
A statement from the Mayor of the City of St.John's regarding Manganese in the Petty Harbour Long Pond Water supply.
Crosswalk at Monkstown road and Rennies Mill Road
Today, the City of St. John’s has confirmed that an accessible curb ramp will be installed at the new temporary crosswalk on Monkstown Rd, east of Rennie’s Mill Rd as soon as possible.
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City Guide
The City Guide is a reference publication the City of St. John’s mails to resident homes four times a year - November, February, May and September.
Engagement Logo
The City of St. John’s wants to build a new approach to public engagement – one that facilitates dialogue with the right people, using the right tools


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