Employee Information, Various Items

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PB 49 2017
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Partial Access

“With respect to Item 2 of your email please provide answers to the following:
What was the classification of the employee?
What was the salary of the employee?
How long was the employee employed with the City?
Provide all minutes, documentation etc. leading to the creation of this position.
Provide a copy of the job description.
Provide a copy of the job description of City Transportation Engineer.
Explain why this individual was hired when there was a highly qualified incumbent in the City’s CTE position.
Why was this individual sent on a basic traffic training to Chicago?
How much did this course cost?
How much did the City spend on on-the-job training for the CTE during his 23 years of employment with the City?
Provide a breakdown of the $193,000 in savings.
Did the City pay any other costs associated with this position?
What is a special retirement incentive?
Provide all background information including but not limited to minutes of all meetings public and private at which this special retirement incentive was discussed.
Provide any legal opinions that conclude the special retirement option was legally required to be paid by the taxpayers of St. John’s.
Any and all documentation involving or written by Councillor Breen, the HR Director now CM and then CM Smart in these matters."