Galway Snow Removal

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PB 363 2018
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Full Disclosure

“On May 8, Mayor Breen released a statement that read, in part, "Galway is the first development permitted above the 190m contour in the City of St. John’s. In 2015 the land was rezoned for development. As a condition of rezoning, the City required that the Developer provide three acres of land for snow storage. The Developer agreed to provide three acres and made no objection at the time of rezoning.
Last year the Developer told the City that it would not provide land for snow storage. However, once the City provided the Developer with the prior written commitment to do so, the Developer appeared willing to honour it. The City provided details on requirements for the particular site chosen by the Developer, which included a fence surrounding the snow storage area. This is necessary for safety reasons, especially given that the snow will be stored within a residential area. In fact, many municipal snow storage sites across the country are fenced."
I would like access to a copy of the "written prior commitment" referred to in the second paragraph.”