Housing Division, Various Items

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PB 102 2017
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Full Disclosure

"What are the income ceilings for tenancy?
Are these ceilings being violated?
Are there space allocation guidelines?
Are they being violated?
Are there City Employees in St. John’s Housing?
Does their income exceed the ceiling for qualifying?
Does their space allocation exceed the guidelines?
How many City Employees are tenants out of the total of all units?
What is the taxpayer subsidy per unit?
Are City Employees living in taxpayer subsidized units? If yes what is the subsidy paid for by the taxpayer?
How many new units is the City proposing to build over what period of time? What is the total cost paid for by the taxpayers as a subsidy and how much is the tax bill going to increase for the proposed new units?
Were the taxpayers of the City informed as to how much their taxes were going to increase to subsidize the construction of new units?"