File Number: 
PB 664 2018
Date Received: 
Applicant Type: 
ATIPP Decision type: 
Full Disclosure

"With respect to the recent discovery of manganese in the COSJ water system, please provide the following information:

  1. When did staff first identify the manganese problem?
  2. When was it first reported to Council?
  3. Provide copies of staff report(s) to Council on 1.
  4. Was it (3) first given to Council at a private meeting and when?
  5. Was (3) made available at a public meeting?
  6. When was the general public first made aware of the problem?
  7. Was there a time gap between Council awareness of the problem and public awareness of same?
  8. When did the word “manganese” first appear in any written record, minute, report, email or other written form of Council in relation to the current manganese problem."