Municipal Spending

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PB 804 2016
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Full Disclosure

"On the SJSE subsidy I am demanding to know from the Legal Department, what specific section(s) of any bylaw of Council gave Council the right to override the FOI Bylaw(2005) with respect to the Special Meeting of Sept. 9/14.
I understand from media reports that your inspired leadership a review of the unconscionable level of municipal spending which has characterized Council over the past seven years or so is underway.  So far you have apparently identified some $13-20 m. in savings.  This is ostensibly impressive but context is important.  To assist those of us who are interested in this issue (and we are legion) I am asking that the following information be made immediately available to the taxpayers of the City:

  • 2008 budget with per capita expenditures vs 2016 budget with same
  • 2008 salary costs per employee inclusive of all payroll and other related costs vs 2016
  • 2008 salary costs (all in) vs 2016 costs per classification for the senior executive group – top ten paid positions
  • 2008 costs as above for Local 569 and Local 1289 vs 2016
  • The same as above for the supervisory/non-bargaining unit group, Fire Dept and Nape
  • Total payroll burden as per above 2008 vs 2016
  • Total number of employees 2008 vs 2016
  • Population of COSJ 2008 vs 2016.”