Several HR Related Items

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PB 299 2017
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Partial Access

"I also have the following ATIPPA requests arising from earlier responses that were not complete:
1. Did Neil Martin continue to receive sick leave credits while he was on salary continuance?
2. Who represented Council in the negotiation of Martin's retirement package?
4. Who represented Martin?
5. What were the dates of negotiation(s)?
6. Are there meetings of these negotiations?
Re: your memo of 2017/01/24:
Your (1) ‐What was the amount of severance paid to the female employee who was terminated without cause on 2016/10/12? You did not provide that amount.
Your (2) ‐Why was this employee treated differently than the above employee and terminated without cause? Was there a legal requirement(s) to pay this employee the 'special severance allowance'?
Is there a legal opinion that says that the 'SRA' had to be paid?
Why is this payment not a violation of the Severance Policy of Council: Policy03/09/03 re: severance pay on retirement?
You did not provide a copy of the job descriptions of Director of Roads and Traffic and City Transportation Engineer. Please provide.
How long were these positions simultaneously occupied?
Re: Your memo of Feb.28, 2017:
Was the HR Dept involved in the creation of the position of Director of Roads and Traffic? If not who created the job description? Why was Council approval not required? When did Council make the decision that it would no longer be involved in the creation of Director level positions and higher? Provides all records, including all minutes of private meeting on these matters. What authority does the current City Manage have with respect to the creation of senior managerial positions as Mr. Martin did with respect to the creation of the position of Associate City Manager? How was the salary of $196,000 decided? Did Mr. Martin approve the salary without the approval of Council?”