Several Unrelated Items re: Council

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PB 128 2017
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Full Disclosure

“1. With respect to my request for information: difference in severance payments please provide the following:
a) How long did the Legislative Assistant work for the City?
b) What was the amount in severance paid to the employee upon termination?
c) The Director of Roads and Traffic was employed with the City I understand for less than two years. Why was this employee eligible for the special retirement allowance. Provide the minutes of the Council Meeting where this matter was discussed and voted on. What was the date of termination of this employee?
2. Provide a copy of the itinerary/agenda for the Mayor’s annual excursion to Miami which was voted on last night including cruise ship companies to be contacted.  Please provide copies of previous itineraries/agendas for the past five years including the names of all cruise ship companies that were contacted.  What is the budgeted cost for the cruise ship program for 2017.
3. How much the legal opinion mentioned by Galgay at night meetings meeting re: wage increase cost?
4. What is the total legal bill to date for Hann’s conflict of interest exercise?
5. What is the compensation paid to members of Council who were or are members of the Transportation Commission and other boards and commissions on which members of Council sit. I want actual compensation paid. For example, how long was Hann a member of the Transportation Commission and what was his total compensation earned.
6. What is Hickman’s compensation as a member of Pippy Park Commission including the free membership in the Pippy Park Golf Club and free green fees for he and his friends who golf with him.
7. Do members of Council have access to free tickets for events at Mile One? Do they have access to the Council Box for personal use?
8. Provide a copy of Galgay’s letter of complaint to the provincial government re myself. Was the letter written on Council stationary?
9. Provide a complete copy of the public and private minutes of Council re the following:
a) Breen’s comments at the public meeting of Jan. 16 (I believe) where he stated in the context of the debate on funding for the Capital Cities Conference “that we always do an economic study when we spend money like this.”
b) At the last public meeting of 2016 Hann made a statement to the effect that the downtown will come back. Please provide a copy of his exact words.
c) Both O’Leary and Lane have made statements that “there have been discussions with the owners of 105 New Cove Road re a solution” or “we are working with the owners to find a common solution”. Provide all references in the meetings of Council, Public or Private where they made these statements and any references of a similar nature in any record of document of Council.”