Community Services

Community Services

The Department of Community Services provides a diverse range of programs and services that enhance quality of life and contribute to resident and visitor well-being. The department is responsible for facilitating community access to inclusive and accessible housing, arts, culture, and recreation programs and services that promote an active, engaged and supported community. The Community Services Department is also responsible for parking and animal control regulation enforcement in the City of St. John’s. 

The Department of Community Services:

  • Builds community capacity through effective partnerships, leadership development, event delivery, grant funding, supportive services and direct program delivery.
  • Promotes access and inclusion by removing barriers to community participation and engagement.
  • Provides an interactive 24/7 integrated front counter and web service regarding all City of St. John's services.

The Department of Community Services with the City of St. John’s is responsible for:

Community Services Organizational Chart

Contact us at:
Community Services – City of St. John’s
P.O. Box 908, St. John’s, NL  A1C 5M2
Phone: (709) 576-8020
Fax: (709) 576-8469

Access St. John’s
Access St. John’s is a fully integrated Customer Service Centre geared to a quality focused service strategy. Access St. John’s operates 24/7/365, utilizing a customer response management (CRM) electronic tracking system to provide a corporate wide response to requests; an interactive e-government web portal, providing access to a myriad of City services through the City’s website; and front counter walk-in service on the first floor of City Hall.

The Recreation Division works with individuals and organizations to support and enhance recreation, leisure and sport opportunities, with a goal to improve the health and quality of life for all residents. Recreation provides access to indoor and outdoor multi-purpose recreation and leisure venues throughout the City.

Non-Profit Housing
The Non-Profit Housing Division is responsible for the administration and management of all of the City’s 424 affordable housing units available for rent to low and moderate income earners on the basis of net family income. 

Humane Services
The Humane Services Division provides education and enforcement of the City's animal control regulations. Other support to animal related activities include animal rescue, adoption, animal impounding, community outreach programs, euthanasia and cremation services, licensing, lost and found reporting, and a spay/neuter program for low income residents.

Parking Services
The Parking Services Division is responsible for enforcing the standard parking regulations in the City of St. John’s and for the delivery of the enforcement services for various other programs administered by the City of St. John's including, the on-street winter parking ban, the annual Street Cleaning Program, the Parks Patrol Program, various special events, and the Water Conservation Program. The Parking Services Division is also responsible for the provision of the School Crossing Guard Program which provides 18 trained crossing guards at various primary and elementary schools locations throughout the City.

Tourism and Culture
The Tourism and Culture Division promotes the City of St. John's as an optimal place to live, visit and do business. This division supports artistic endeavours, nurtures relationships and fosters an engaged community with a focus on our intriguing blend of history, culture and natural experiences, all within an urban setting.

The Tourism and Culture Division develops programs and initiatives in tourism, arts and culture that advance the tourism industry and arts community creating a vibrant place for residents, local businesses and visitors. Through work with private and public sector partners, emphasis is placed on the cruise industry; travel media; tourism industry development; cultural tourism and event development; arts and culture; and delivery of visitor information through visitor information centres.