Strategy and Engagement

Strategy and Engagement

The Office of Strategy and Engagement coordinates the development of strategic policy, corporate business plans and project directions to advance the City's vision and corporate values as set out in the City's Strategic Plan. The office works across the corporate structure to ensure that policy and project directions and business plans are linked, supports project and business plan monitoring and review, and identifies opportunities to create focused synergies, both internally and externally. The office leads stakeholder engagement at multiple levels, and provides marketing and corporate communications services and economic development oversight to the organization.

The Office of Strategy and Engagement will have both a broad reaching function and an operational function. Strategic development and engagement represent general policy directions and the marketing, communication and economic development tends to be operational in nature.  

The Office of Strategy and Engagement with the City of St. John’s is responsible for:

Office of Strategy and Engagement Organizational Chart

Hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
The Office of Strategy and Engagement head office is located at 348 Water Street.

Contact us at:
Strategy and Engagement – City of St. John’s
P.O. Box 908, St. John’s, NL  A1C 5M2
Phone: (709) 576-8107

Strategic Development
Identifies, co-ordinates and by working with City departments, external agencies and partners ensures the development of strategic directions and policy. The intent is to identify opportunities for aligning resources and linkages to maximize City resources to greatest effect. Lead in the monitoring and review of plans via reporting systems and regular consultation to identify synergies and engage employees.

Within the realm of democratic structures there are growing trends and expectations of increased stakeholder (external and internal) engagement to support policy and program design and development. The realm of engagement spans from information outreach (delivery of information and one-way communications) to consultation (e.g., public meetings, surveys etc.) to focused dialogue (active, focused incorporation of stakeholders in policy and program development). Ultimately Council sets the policy direction and is the link to the community, however it is important to establish the appropriate type, range and necessity of engagement.

Marketing and Communications
Marketing and communications includes positioning the City and the City corporation in local and provincial markets. Sets the tone and image of the City as defined in the Corporate Vision. Develops relations with media and supports City messages and outreach in the marketplace. Communications are with external (i.e., external to the city corporation) and internal ( i.e., the city staff) stakeholders. Marketing and communication strategies will be developed and implemented incorporating a variety of mechanisms and tactics deploying traditional, electronic (including website) and new media. 

Economic Development
Economic Development is about new directions, policies and fundamental changes which advance society and the economy. Roadmap 2021 sets a series of goals, directions and actions to guide the economic development platform the next decade. As a multidimensional plan it defines a series of projects and directions to be undertaken by the City and partners.