Candidate Information

Candidate Information

On Feb. 23, 2016 residents of Ward 4 of the City of St. John's will elect a new Councillor. If you are interested in becoming a candidate in By-Election 2016, this section on the website will provide you with all the necessary information.

Please note:  Information on this site provides an overview, but is not a substitute for the detail contained in legislation. All candidates are responsible for understanding the legislation and by-laws concerning elections and the requirements for nomination.

Candidate's Check List

  1. Note the key election dates.
  2. Check to establish that you hold the qualifications for office (age, citizenship etc.) (Form CC-1015).
  3. Ensure you are not disqualified from holding office (occupation, residency, etc.). The onus is on the person nominated for election to an office to file a bona fide nomination paper.
  4. At least two business days prior to the time you intend to file your nomination paper, file a ‘Request for Elections Clearance Certificate’ (Form CC–1009). This certificate will confirm that you are not indebted to the City for any outstanding taxes or fees.
  5. During the nomination period prescribed, contact the Elections Coordinator to arrange for you and your nominators to file the nomination paper. A nomination paper must be signed by at least two qualified electors whose names appear on the voters list.
  6. Consider whether you will be appointing an official agent (Forms CC-1007 and CC-1004).
  7. Election period - don’t forget to mail in your vote-by-mail kit.
  8. As soon as possible following election day, remove signs, posters and other election advertising.
  9. ‘Campaign Contributions and Expenses Disclosure’ (Form CC-1022) must be filed by Monday, May 23, 2016.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact the Elections Coordinator by e-mail at or by calling (709) 576-8269.