Past Election Results

Past Election Results

City Council 2013 standing in the council chambers

On September 24, 2013 residents of the City of St. John’s made their voices heard when they elected a new City Council for the next four years.

The City of St. John’s has a progressive approach to its elections allowing voters to submit their choices by mail. When the votes were cast 35,689 residents voted; this was a voter turnout of 52 per cent.

Once the results were tallied the following individuals were elected to represent St. John's:

  • Dennis O’Keefe, Mayor
  • Ron Ellsworth, Deputy Mayor
  • Danny Breen, Ward 1 (elected by acclamation)
  • Jonathan Galgay, Ward 2
  • Bruce Tilley, Ward 3
  • Bernard Davis, Ward 4
  • Wally Collins, Ward 5
  • Art Puddister, Councillor At Large
  • Tom Hann, Councillor At Large
  • Dave Lane, Councillor At Large
  • Sandy Hickman, Councillor At Large

The next municipal election in the City of St. John’s will take place September 2017.