Bruce Tilley

Councillor Bruce Tilley
Councillor Ward 3
Phone number: 
(709) 576-8643
(709) 576-8474

Bruce Tilley has been involved with St. John’s City Council since the early 1980s. He was first elected as Ward 3 Councillor in 1981, serving two terms. He returned to council in 1992 with a by-election win for Ward 2 Councillor. Most recently he was elected for a second consecutive term in 2013 as the Councillor for Ward 3.

Councillor Tilley graduated from Bishop Field College before attending Memorial University. He is also a graduate of the Canadian Institute for Organizational Management at the University of Western Ontario. He spent 30-plus years as general manager of the St. John’s Board of Trade before retiring.

Councillor Tilley is very involved in the community and is well known for his involvement with the Church Lads Brigade (C.L.B.) and has sat on the C.L.B. Council for the past seven years. He has also been involved with national and international committees and organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce Executives of Canada and the National Board for Canada Day. On City Council, he stays busy as co-chair of the Economic Development, Tourism and Public Engagement and chair of the Nomenclature committee. He is also active with the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Seniors and as a member of numerous standing committees.

Councillor Tilley’s main goal on City Council to to make St. John’s a better place in which to live and make a living. His key issues include taxation, economic development and working to ensure a better quality of life for seniors.

In his spare time, Councillor Tilley calls himself a sports fanatic and enjoys working to enhance the character of boys and girls through his work with the C.L.B. He and his wife, Ruth, are the parents of two sons – John and David.