Say Less, Do More

Sunday, May 6, 2018 - 12:00pm
Bella Vista, 26 Torbay Road

This event is FREE to the residents of NL from all backgrounds. If you are looking to create a better life for yourself and take advantage of the opportunities available within the Province, this event is for you. 

We will also provide an informational document to all attendees following the event, so you will have a list of funding opportunities, information regarding the speakers, as well as information to help with employment and industry insights. Find us on Facebook.

Participants must REGISTER their attendance at:, let us know if you plan on attending one session or all sessions so we can ensure your seat!

FREE shuttle bus service provided by HANLON REALTY, to and from the event. Locations for pick-up and drop-off are:

Stavanger Drive (Best Buy parking lot)

Mile One 

Shuttle bus service will be doing pick-ups for the first and second sessions, and drop-offs/pick-ups during the third networking session. There will be a final drop-off service provided in the final networking session. 

- Please email us at: to reserve your seat.

The event will be broken down into sessions:

Session 1:
Education, Skills, Training and Development:
Listen to College of the North Atlantic and Memorial University - Faculty of Business Administration and others, give you insight on where you should focus your studies for better employment opportunities and how they can help.

Then lets take a coffee and networking break!

Session 2:
Business Development:
Listen to Genesis Centre, Futurpreneur, CBDC and others give you insight into flourishing industries (including the technology sector), how they can help you, what funding opportunities are available to Entrepreneurs, Start-Up Businesses, and Businesses wishing to expand.

Then lets take another coffee and networking break!

Session 3: 
Industry Insights and Leaders
Listen to leaders of different backgrounds give you insight into the industries they are involved with, advice on how to get within that industry with no previous experience, and how you should go about presenting yourself to ensure the best chances for employment. And also, a little motivation on how they got to where they are today!

Directly following the third session is individual networking. 
- Visit booths of businesses who can give you insight in what they do, who they are, and check-out if there's a potential partnership or employment opportunity between you two!