Assessment and Taxation

Assessment and Taxation

The City of St. John's Assessment Division and Revenue Accounting Division, which are part of the Department of Financial Management, work together to provide accurate taxation information to residential and commercial property owners within the City of St. John's.

The Assessment Division is responsible for the market valuation of property within the boundaries of the City of St. John's. This is a very large task for the province's largest city with the Assessment Division maintaining more than 42,600 files on residential and commercial properties. 

Assessment notices are sent to property owners so they can see the value the City has determined for their property. The assessed value of a property forms the basis for property tax calculations. This is where Revenue Accounting Division steps in. 

Revenue Accounting Division is a multifunctional division that provides a wide range of receivables administration and account services including account setup and maintenance, billing and collection of City revenues. They bill a wide range of fees and taxes with the majority being applicable to residential properties which are billed semi-annually and commercial properties which are billed quarterly.

Revenue Accounting Division calculates the Municipal Tax for your property based on the property's assessed value and City Council approved mill rate. Water tax is calculated on a per unit basis. 

Learn more about assessment and taxation in the City of St. John's in this section of our website. If you don't find what you are looking for contact the appropriate division:

  • Revenue Accounting: 709-576-8251
  • Assessment: 709-576-8929