Downtown Removal

Downtown Removal

Our iconic downtown poses some challenges when it comes to keeping roads free of snow and unobstructed for travel in the winter months. The narrow and winding streets on steep hills with tightly packed row housing and a bustling business centre means that we must conduct snow removal operations overnight.

Removals occur overnight when there is the least amount of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. If you live or work overnight in the downtown snow removal area, by 3 p.m. each day you can look up the streets we’ve scheduled for overnight snow removal at

Vehicles must not be on the streets scheduled for snow removal between 12:30 and 7:30 a.m. on the date indicated. Any vehicle impeding snow removal will be impounded at the owner’s expense.
Downtown area for Parking Restrictions

The area we've designated as downtown for the purpose of snow removal are identified on this map.  
During winter the Downtown Early Morning Parking Ban is in place and vehicles are not permitted to park between 4 and 6 a.m. on:
  • Water Street, from Waldegrave Street to Prescott Street 
  • Duckworth, from New Gower Street to Cochrane Street 

Any vehicle impeding snow removal will be impounded at the owner’s expense.

The downtown early morning parking ban was first introduced as a pilot project in winter 2018. Feedback and recommendations from the pilot have been integrated into this revised parking ban.

Alternate parking options include:

  • City Hall parking garage, 8 New Gower Street, free to the public 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. and on weekends
  • privately owned parking garages at 351 Water Street and 330 Duckworth Street, parking by fee

The list of downtown streets scheduled for snow removal is updated daily and is available after 3 p.m. each day:

  • webpage
  • By email. Sign up by choosing Snow Removal (Downtown) at e-updates
  • Call 311 or 576-SNOW (7669)
  • Check for signs placed in snowbanks at the ends of the streets

Snow removal sign        No overnight parking snow removal sign

Where to Park
When your street is scheduled for a snow removal, you need to move your vehicle(s) off the street for the night. But where do you park instead?

Municipal lots
If you don’t have a private driveway, we suggest you use a public parking lot. The City of St. John’s owns parking lots that are free to use from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. each overnight:

  • City Hall parking garage (excluding the rooftop), 8 New Gower Street
  • Railway Coastal Museum, 495 Water Street
  • Bannerman Park parking lot, off Bannerman Road next to the pool house
  • Parking lot behind the basketball court at 89 Hayward Avenue
  • Parking lot off Hutchings Street, underneath the overpass
  • Gravel parking lot across from the H.G.R. Mews Community Centre, 40 Mundy Pond Road