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Tree Maintenance

Tree Maintenance

Trees in Bannerman ParkThe Parks and Open Spaces Division is responsible for the maintenance of the St. John's urban forest, which includes the maintenance, protection, removal and planting of trees on public property, as well as the maintenance of private trees which pose a threat to public safety.

Parks and Open Spaces Division staff are also available to provide advice to home owners on proper tree pruning techniques, etc. at no charge.

For additional help, contact information or to submit a service request visit  Access 311.

New program for 2016

St. John's Community Roots Tree Planting Program logo
The City of St. John's will be providing 150 residents with a tree to plant on their property

Street Tree Planting Program
Made possible by Tree Canada TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.
TD Green Streets a program of Tree Canada, and the only nationally-based municipal forestry innovation program in Canada. Since its inception in 1994, more than 500 Canadian municipalities have received Green Streets funding.
TD Green Streets encourages and supports the adoption of leading-edge practices in municipal forestry, including:

  • Innovative urban forest planning
  • Single tree and forest stand projects
  • Policy and best management practices workshops
  • Outreach and educational activities such as
  • community workshops on urban tree care
  • Innovative management tools to protect and maintain the urban forest
  • Innovative planting techniques

The City of St. John’s Street Tree planting initiative serves to enhance and preserve the residential street and sidewalk canopy within the city of St. John’s while empowering residents to preserve the Urban Forest by playing a role in caring for individual trees.
This initiative will strive to fill these gaps in the Urban Forest by having homeowners plant street trees on their own properties in areas where there is no City owned land available to fill the gaps.

The City of St. John’s will be providing a tree, free of charge to 150 selected residents. The trees are to be planted during the spring/summer of 2016.

How it works
All applicants to the Community Roots Tree Planting program must be the homeowner of the property where the tree is to be planted, and only one application per property is accepted. Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis to homeowners within the City of St. John’s who have street facing land available to support a tree.
Successful applicants are required to attend a mandatory tree planting & tree care information session, after which they will receive a voucher for the tree, that can be redeemed at various tree nurseries or garden centres in the area. The participating centres have been provided a list of acceptable trees for the homeowner to choose from.