This section provides information on some of the City's previous engagement projects and offers a number of links to other engagement-related resources.

City Engagement Projects

The City of St. John's has undertaken a number of significant engagement projects including:

Winter Maintenance Review
In early June 2014, the City launched a review of the winter maintenance (snow clearing) strategies. Extensive public consultations were a part of the overall strategy, and past comments on the City’s winter maintenance practices, garnered through social media and public forums, were taken into consideration. Check out our "What We Heard" infographic.
Parks & Open Space Master Plan
Launched in December 2014, this master plan describes a resident-based vision for a Parks and Open Space network within the City of St. John’s. St. John’s residents, from the ages of eight to eighty, were consulted during the master plan creation process. The Parks & Open Space Master Plan is available online.

Kenmount Terrace Community Park
The City of St. John's is planning the development of a new community park off Messenger Drive in Kenmount Terrace. This new park covers 32 acres and is the first new community park for the City in many years. During March and April 2015, the City of St. John's undertook a public engagement process to gather ideas for the new park. The What we Heard document reflects what was heard throughout that public engagement process.

Victoria Park Revitalization
Victoria Park is located in the west end of St. John's and is one of the city’s oldest and most historic spaces. The City of St. John’s has earmarked $1 million towards the revitalization of Victoria Park. Through March and April of 2015 the City worked with the project consultant to carry out a public engagement process designed to help shape a revitalization plan. The What we Heard document reflects the common themes heard throughout the public engagement process.

First World War Legacy Project
As part of its First World War Commemorative Program, lauched in July 2014, the City of St. John's allocated $800,000 towards the development of a legacy project. In December of 2014 the City began a public engagement process including meetings with stakeholder groups, and an interactive engagement session for the public.The What we Heard document reflects the common themes heard throughout the public engagement process.

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