Children’s Programs

Children’s Programs

The City of St. John’s offers a wide variety of programs for children as noted in the links above. For registration information please click on specific courses.

Some programs are only offered on a seasonal basis. For full program details see the 2014 Fall Active Living Guide or the current version of the City Guide for Winter 2015.

A word to parents about our Children’s Programs
Our staff are qualified and dedicated leaders whose focus is to ensure children are provided with a safe and fun environment that encourages physical activity, physical literacy and supports healthy child development. All our staff are carefully screened and require a recent RNC certificate of conduct, vulnerable sector check, standard first aid, CPR and High Five
® Certification. Staff also receive comprehensive training in areas relating to safety, child development, program planning, guiding behaviour, disability awareness and inclusion.

Behaviour Guidelines
The City of St. John’s Recreation Division is committed to providing a quality, caring, and safe program environment in which participants may develop socially, cognitively, physically, and emotionally. The Recreation Division has developed the following behaviour guidelines to ensure caregivers, parents, participants, and staff have a mutual understanding of acceptable behaviours. Participants will be encouraged by program staff to display the following expectations:

  • Respect for others.
  • Respect of property.
  • Responsibility for their belongings.
  • Safe and fair play.
  • Co-operation with leaders and participants.
  • Listen to others.
  • Being honest.
  • Following program rules.
  • Appropriate voice tone and language.
  • Abiding by the rules of the program.

The following behaviours will not be tolerated:

  • Aggressive behaviour such as hitting, kicking, biting or pushing.
  • Excessive use of obscene language or gestures.
  • Teasing, bullying, name calling or other verbally aggressive behaviour.
  • Possessing dangerous or sharp objects.
  • Running away from program site (indoor or outdoor locations).

These guidelines will be discussed with the participants on a regular basis. If a participant exhibits any of the non-tolerated behaviours, the following actions will be taken on an individual basis:

  1. The non-tolerated behaviour will be brought to the participant’s attention with an explanation as to why the behaviour is unacceptable. Guardians will be notified of the participant’s inappropriate behaviour. Staff and guardians, will work together to identify solutions to assist the participant in displaying desirable behaviour.
  2. If the identified solutions are unsuccessful, the Recreation Division may request a reduction in the frequency of attendance by the participant.
  3. If at any time a behaviour is of danger to the participant, other participants or staff, the participant will be removed from the program immediately.

Note: The Recreation Division maintains appropriate staff to participant ratios and makes every reasonable effort to ensure the successful participation of each child/youth. When participants face barriers to successful participation, our Inclusive Services Staff may be consulted in order to modify the program and/or put supports in place that will foster successful participation. If the Recreation Division is unable to ensure the safety and well being of your child/youth, program participants or staff, we reserve the right to remove your child from the program.