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Attendant Pass

People with disabilities who require the support of an attendant to accompany them to events may apply for an Attendant Pass. For more information please call 576-4450 or email

Attendant Passes are recognized at the following venues. Other venues may accept Attendant Passes as well. Please call ahead of time to ensure your pass will be accepted.

  • City of St. John's facilities and events
  • Mile One Centre
  • Arts and Culture Centre
  • Metrobus
  • The Works/Aquarena

Application forms are available:

  • Online
  • at the H.G.R. Mews Community Centre
  • by contacting Inclusive Services Staff at 709-576-4450
  • by email:


Pursuing Active Lifestyles

This program aims to teach adults over the age of 22 years who have mild to moderate developmental disabilities the basic skills needed for active living. Participants will take part in recreation and leisure activities in a friendly, relaxes atmosphere with caring leaders. To ensure a safe and inclusive environment, meeting all participants' needs, an Inclusive Services Application is required. For further information please email

For more information and to register please click here.

Safety for Independent Living

Safety for Independent Living aims to equip youth and adults with mild to moderate developmental disabilities with life skills that will help them make confident choices, prevent potentially dangerous situations and live a safe life. The program covers people safety, online safety, road safety, injury prevention an basic first aid. An interest list is available for those would like to participate in this course. Date and time to be determined when there is enough interest to fill a course. To add your name to the interest list, please email This course was developed by SOS 4 Kids, an Ontario-based publisher and provider of Children's safety courses.

 Note:  Program bookings are pending instructor and equipment availability, and may be weather dependent. For more information please call 576-4450/6972 or email

Recreation Program Financial Support

Financial support is available for adults facing financial barriers to participate in City of St. John's, Recreation Division activities. A complete list of activities can be found on RecConnect.

Application forms are available:

  • online
  • At the HGR Mews Community Centre, 40 Mundy Pond Road
  • By contacting the Inclusive Services Staff at 709-576-8684
  • By email

Inclusion Support to Participate in Programs

Interested in recreation but don't know where to start? Need a little extra support to attend a program? Learn more, contact our Inclusive Services Team for a consultation.

Fitness Programs          Senior Programs          Outdoor Programs          Aquatics          Sport

Residents please see the following process for requesting Inclusion Participant Support:

  1.  Complete and return an Inclusion Support Application by the deadline date. Click here for a link to the Inclusion Support Application or contact Inclusive Services staff at 709-576-4450/6972 or by emailing

Application deadlines (or next business day):

  • Summer Programs: March 17
  • Fall Programs: July 17
  • Winter Programs: Nov. 17
  • Spring Programs: Feb. 1

     2.  Completed applications will be reviewed and a staff person will contact you to discuss options and/or arrange an assessment of ability and need.
     3.  Inclusive Services may request permission to consult a reference who can verify the applicant's strengths and needs (i.e. a teacher, social worker, staff at another organization in which the individual is involved).
     4.  A decision regarding the application is made and the applicant/caregiver is contacted regarding registration procedures.

Non-Residents, please see the following process for requesting Inclusion Participant Support:
     1.  Registration for non-residents will take place seven calendar days after the registration for residents.
     2.  Non-residents are advised to complete steps one through four as noted above.
     3.  Non-residents will be contacted by Inclusion Services staff to discuss program availability.

Red Cross Adapted Swim Lessons

Classes are available for any age swimmer who has a disability and requires an individualized or low ratio setting. Classes are progressive but begin with the basics of swimming and water safety. Aquatic experiences provide a variety of opportunities for people with disabilities to improve overall well-being. A parent or an aide may be required to support the swimmer in the water.

A Canadian Red Cross Swimmer Information Intake Form is required to complete the registration. Program registration is dependent upon available resources and participant's ability to actively participate within a low ratio. The Division reserves the right to remove a participant, with a full refund, should they not be approved through Inclusive Services.

For more information call 709-576-4450 or 709-576-2574 or email or to register click here.

Fit Finders

Offered fall, winter and spring to groups servicing those facing ability related barriers. Groups are given the opportunity to participate in recreation and leisure activities within a safe, supportive environment, with dedicated and experienced recreation staff. Program duration is 1 to 2 hours. Maximum group size is dependent upon barriers faced by participants and activity selected. Group leaders are expected to attend to support participants. Seasonal activities may include: badminton, ball hockey, basketball, boccia, crafting, curling (floor), walking/hiking, healthy lifestyles sessions, low impact fitness, low impact water fitness, soccer, soccer-baseball, t-ball, T-ai Chi Chih, team building activities, Wii fitness, yoga, and zumba. Other activities may be available upon request.

Note:  Program bookings are pending instructor and equipment availability and may be weather dependent. For more information please call 709-576-4450/6972 or email or click here.
TIME Together in Movement and Exercise

TIME (Together in Movement and Exercise) is a community based exercise program for people with balance and mobility limitations who can walk 10 metres with or without aide. Registration is on referral from a Physician, Physiotherapist, Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner. For more information please call 709-576-6972 or email

Adaptive Equipment

An assistive hearing system is available within the Recreation Division. TTY/TDD service is available by calling Access St. John's at 311 or 709-754-CITY (2489).

Canadian Tire Jumpstart Adaptive Equipment Lending Program

Adaptive equipment and assistive devices are available to individuals who require them. A sit ski, ice sledge, snow coach and hippocampe all terrain wheelchair are available. Other specialized equipment such as fidget kits and Canadian Tire Jumpstart Recreation Equipment Bags are also available on loan. To enquire about having a loan of some of our equipment contact our Inclusive Services staff or please click here.


  •   Sit Ski


  •      Ice Sledge


  •   Snow Coach


  •       Hippocampe                                        


  •  Hippocampe


  •      Fidget Kit