School Zone Safety

School Zone Safety

The City of St. John's considers pedestrian safety to be very important and nowhere is this more of a concern than in the vicinity of schools. Motorists must take extra care and caution, and parents must ensure that children know the proper safety rules.

Crossing Guard Program

The City of St. John's provides adult crossing guards at designated locations to accommodate children attending elementary and primary schools. Crossing guards assist with the crossing of children within school zones at designated crossing locations ensuring a safe and controlled environment. 
St. John's crossing guards wearing parka's provided by Sears Canada

Crossing guards assist children by creating safe gaps for them to cross. You can assist them by ensuring that your child remembers to:

  • Always obey the crossing guard.
  • Wait well back on the sidewalk until instructed to cross.
  • Make sure drivers see you before crossing.
  • Walk briskly, but don’t run.
  • Always use crosswalks, stop signs, or traffic signals when crossing the street.

To request a crossing guard for your school, whether you are a parent or school administrator, contact Access St. John's at 311 or 709-754-CITY (2489) or online.

Become a Crossing Guard 

We are often seeking reponsible individuals, who have a couple of hours to spare on the weekdays, to become crossing guards. To learn if we are currently seeking crossing guards contact our Human Resources division by email or calling 570-4444.

Responsibilities include:

  • ensure the safety of children crossing busy street intersections
  • maintain a courteous and helpful attitude toward children and their guardians
  • report dangerous driving or problem conditions to appropriate authorities


  • ability to learn and apply traffic regulations, particularly those pertaining to pedestrian crosswalks
  • communicate clearly and effectively
  • work on a daily basis and in all weather
  • posess a RNC Certificate of Conduct