Living off Campus

Living off Campus

Living off-campus is a popular option and St. John’s has a lot of great neighbourhoods to choose from. We've compiled some information to help you get settled in your new home. You're bound to enjoy it! Remember though that some of this info applies only to the City of St. John’s so if you’re living in another nearby city or town, you’ll need to check their website.

Renting an apartment or home       Garbage and recycling       Parking       Noise       Owning a pet

Renting an apartment or home
  • Finding an apartment in St. John’s could take some time, so plan well in advance.
  • Check your school website for information on off-campus housing. The daily newspaper, The Telegram, publishes rental listings with the Saturday print edition having the largest number. Also check out Kijiji St. John's and Zoeken Canada.
  • Average rent for a two bedroom apartment in St. John’s is $923/month, excluding utilities.
  • Take the time to see the rental property before making a commitment and ask questions of the landlord.
  • Many landlords require that you sign a lease. Read it carefully.
  • Make sure you have the contact information for your landlord, and know who to call in case an issue arises with the property.

Garbage & Recycling

  • The City of St. John’s collects garbage at the curb weekly and recycling bi-weekly. Collection day depends on where you live. Get all the details at or make life easier by downloading the St. John’s Waste and Recycling app for Apple or Android.
  • From Apr. 1 to Nov. 30, garbage placed at the curb must be covered with an approved net or blanket, or placed in a bin. It helps reduce litter and keeps the neighbourhood clean.
  • Keep your property litter free and store garbage in proper containers. Garbage on your property will attract rodents.
  • Questions about garbage and recycling in St. John's? Contact our Access Centre.


  • If you live downtown and do not have off-street parking, you may need a parking permit to park on the street. Get more details, including the application form.
  • St. John’s receives over 300 cm of snow in an average winter. To help keep streets clear and residents safe, the City has winter parking restrictions.
  • In the spring and summer months there are temporary parking restrictions on some downtown streets to allow street cleaning. Get the details.
  • You’ll find City owned parking meters located throughout the city, especially in the downtown. These meters are generally in effect from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday. City parking meters take cash, credit cards, or you can use a Park Card. Park Cards can be purchased at the Access St. John's Service Centre on the first floor of City Hall, 10 New Gower Street. Please remember that parking meters located on campus at Memorial University and the Marine Institute are not City owned and therefore have different rules of operation.
  • Questions about parking in St. John's? Contact our Access Centre.


Did you know that the City of St. John's has a noise by-law? It’s a fact and it’s an important part of being a good neighbour. While a certain amount of living noise is expected, please respect the bylaw and your neighbours by keeping music, parties, and noise to a minimum between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Owning a pet

  • License your pet with the City. It could help you reunite if your pet gets lost. Get all the details on pet licensing.
  • Dogs and cats are not permitted to roam freely in St. John’s. In public spaces such as parks and trails, keep your pet on a leash.
  • For some off-leash fun, check out the city’s dog parks.
  • Questions about owning a pet in St. John's? Contact our Access Centre.