Budget Information

Budget Information

The City of St. John's' annual budget is ratified by Council each year in December for the upcoming year. The budget outlines the City's projected revenues and expenditures for the fiscal year.

Budget 2020
On December 2, 2019, City Council passed the budget for the 2020 fiscal year.

“Revenues and expenditures are balanced at $305,578,936, up 0.3 percent from 2019 – a marginal increase relative to the size of the City’s budget,” said Councillor Dave Lane, lead councillor for the City’s Finance and Administration portfolio. “I am pleased to announce that mill rates for residential owners will remain the same at 7.7; commercial property tax will also remain the same at 26.1; and water taxes will remain at the same rate as those set in 2019.”

Key themes for Budget 2020 include fiscal accountability, revised estimates and service enhancements.

“Our goal, as always is to provide high quality services and valuable programs in a fiscally responsible manner,” said Councillor Lane. “We have been listening closely to what matters most to our residents and feel that Budget 2020 is a responsive and responsible budget meets the needs of our City while ensure the sustainability of our operations, now and into the future.”

Councillor Lane's budget speech, delivered on December 2, and the City's budget tables are available in the 2020 Budget Book.

For previous year's budgets go to Publications and look under Budget.