City Grants

City Grants

The City of St. John's grants and subsidies program will make available limited financial and other resources to non-profit groups, organizations and individuals whose application supports the City's Strategic Directions. Funding is available in the following categories:

Community Groups & Organizations
Special Events & Festivals
Sporting Groups & Organizations
Youth Travel: Sport or Non-Sport
Artists & Arts Organizations
Capital Grant
Heritage Financial Incentive Program

Each applicant is required to complete the Grant Application Form and submit with the required attachments no later than 4pm on November 30..
Applications from groups/organizations must be accompanied by financial statements for the previous year (audited if available), current year budgets, three-year forecast budgets (if available), and evidence of adequate effort to secure financial support from the private sector and other levels of government.
Only one request per individual, group or organization will be considered in a fiscal year.  With the exception for City partnerships; all programs, projects, and undertakings should be consolidated in the one request.
Please select the appropriate grant to download the application. 

Community Groups & Organizations
The City of St. John's supports non-profit groups and organizations seeking financial assistance to run programs and services that are educational, multicultural, recreational or inclusive and take place within the City.

Special Events & Festivals
The City of St. John's supports non-profit organizations producing multi-faceted events of one or more days, taking place within the City. Events should; generate economic activity, showcase and develop cultural assets, enrich the life of the community, enhance community engagement and appeal to a varied audience. 

Sporting Groups & Organizations
The City of St. John's supports non-profit organizations that enhance participation primarily in youth sport and/or maximize the use of facilities, within the City.  Eligible sporting groups and organizations must be sanctioned by a Provincilal Sport Governing Body.

Youth Travel: Sport & Non-Sport
Youth is identified as up to 25 years of age when registered and attending a secondary or a post-secondary institution.

Youth Sport Travel
Travel funding assistance is available to youth residents of St. John's who have won the right to participate in amateur championship sporting events.  Funding for such travel is restricted to atlantic, national or international events.
Youth Non-Sport Travel
Travel funding assistance is available to youth residents of St. John's who are travelling out of province to attend formally sponsored symposiums, conferences, seminars, competitions, etc dealing with a wide range of interests including educational, cultural, social, political, which are designed and deemed to broaden ones horizons in these disciplines.

Please review the policy on Requests for Grants & Subsidies, prior to filling out and submitting an application for the above noted grants.

Artists & Arts Organizations

The City of St. John's Grants to Artists and Arts Organizations will make financial resources available to both individual artists and arts organizations in the following disciplines:
  1. Theatre
  2. Dance
  3. Music
  4. Literary Arts
  5. Film and New Media
  6. Visual Art and Craft
The Grants to Artists and Arts Organizations program has the following goals:
  1. To support the artistic development of individual artists.
  2. To support arts organizations in fulfilling their mandates.
  3. To contribute to the grown and sustainability of the St. John's arts community.
  4. To improve the well-being of the community.

The Policy on Grants to Artists and Arts Organizations is available for your information.

Capital Grants to Community Groups
Non-profit groups and organizations seeking financial assistance for the construction, expansion or renovation of a facility that will meet a demonstrated need in the areas of recreational, cultural or other community service may apply for a Capital Grant.

Limited funds are available to assist non-profit groups or organizations within the City to construct or renovate community facilities where the applicant can demonstrate the need for the proposed facility as well as the ability to maintain it and fund the programs to be provided in the facility.

Review of the Applications
The Grants Review Committee or Experts Panel (Arts Grants) will review all applications received by the deadline date. All grants will be awarded by April 30.

Deadline for applications: 4 p.m. on November 30.

For more information on Grants:
Call: 311 or 754-2489 or email:

Heritage Financial Incentive Program
The City of St. John’s aims to conserve significant heritage resources including buildings and streetscapes. To further this objective the City has recently created a Heritage Financial Incentives Program to assist property owners to maintain buildings and homes that are designated as Heritage Buildings as well as those located in the City's Heritage Areas.

Through this incentive program two types of grants are available:
Heritage Maintenance Grant - for the maintenance and repair to façade elements abutting a public street.  A grant of up to 25 per cent of the material and labour costs will be available to a maximum of $1,000 per building, per calendar year.

Heritage Conservation Grant - for the preservation, restoration and/or replacement of façade elements abutting a public street. A grant of up to 25 per cent of the material and labour costs will be available to a maximum of $5,000 per building, per calendar year.

Please note that applications are available online and must be submitted to the City between September 1 and November 1 for the following calendar year.

Once a grant application is approved, Council may waive associated permit fees. Please see full details and conditions .

The City of St. John’s promotes built heritage as a public good that fosters a sense of place and identity; generates economic development and tourism revenues; makes best use of our built resources; and is environmentally appropriate. 

Since 1977 the City has been designating heritage buildings in its Registry of Designated Heritage Buildings and encourages property owners to consider their properties for designation. Additionally, the City provides an annual Heritage Recognition Award Program to celebrate and acknowledge outstanding work on designated heritage buildings.