Volunteer Recognition

Volunteer Recognition

The City of St. John’s values the contributions of its volunteers and the impact that they have on the community as a whole. 

Each year, the City participates in National Volunteer Recognition Week and we host our own recognition events for our volunteers.

The Building Healthy Communities award is presented annually to an individual or group in St. John’s who are helping to create vibrant, healthy communities and enhance the quality of life for citizens through programs and services that promote health, wellness and inclusion.

The City of St. John's Building Healthy Communities Volunteer Award Application deadline date is the fourth Friday in March. (Please note: for 2020, the deadline has moved to May 1)

2019 Building Healthy Communities Volunteer Recognition Award Recipients

Justin Blundon                                                                                                
Justin exemplified how to create a vibrant community and contributed to supporting healthier environments through his volunteer work with the Gould's Lions Club, the St. John Ambulance Goulds Lions Brigade, as an honourary member Goulds Volunteer Fire Department, and as an active volunteer with the St. Kevin's Parish. The City recognizes Justin for his dedicated volunteer work in the Goulds, and his commitment to building social connections through his leadership and passion for helping others.                           
Nabila Qureshi
Nabila exemplifies how to create a vibrant community and contributes to supporting healthier environments through her volunteer work with the local chapter of the World University Service of Canada at MUN, the Student Refugee Program at MUN, and the Refugee Immigrant Advisory Council (RIAC) in the community engagement project 'Radio PIAC'. The City recognizes Nabila as a volunteer that embodies the healthy community pillar of 'inclusion and cultural diversity' through her tireless volunteerism to make St. John's a welcoming, vibrant, and inclusive community for newcomers and helping make St. John's a more diverse city.
Randy Murphy
Randy exemplifies how to support healthy lifestyles and create a vibrant community in St. John's through his two decades worth of volunteer service developing the East Coast Trail as a internationally recognized attraction and destination for hikers from all over the world. The City recognizes Randy and the East Coast Trail for their contributions to the healthy community pillar, "healthy national environments", by building trails that protect the national landscape of our coast, while still providing residents (and visitors!) with access and opportunities to freely enjoy our national environment, and be physically active.
Happy City St. John's
Happy City St. John's is an organization that has been working to make St. John's a more vibrant community through their contributions to create healthier environments, by engaging and informing residents in civic issues and facilitating discussions on how to make St. John's a happier, better place to live for everyone. The City recognizes Happy City St. John's (chaired by Rob Nolan) because their work overlaps in each of the five pillars of a healthy community, but specifically because their volunteers make St. John's a better place by starting conversations about city issues that lead to more informed, engaged, and happy citizens.
St. John Bosco Nan & Pop Breakfast Group
The Nan & Pop Breakfast Group at St. John Bosco School support healthy lifestyles and create a vibrant community in St. John's through their work to bring healthier start to school aged children in Shea Heights for the past five years. The City recognizes the St. John Bosco Nan & Pop Breakfast Group for their contributions to the healthy piller, "healthy neighbourhoods" because of their leadership role in creating a safe, welcoming intergenerational space for children to gather and socialize with local seniors, while having a healthy balanced breakfast to fuel their school day.


Volunteer Profiles
Volunteer Junior Lifeguard
My name is Zaira Freda. I have been a Volunteer Junior Lifeguard with the City of St. John's since the summer of 2017 and I was privileged to work for the City's outdoor swimming pools during the summer of 2018. I've always had a love for the water and helping others, but I would have to say that it was thanks to the amazing Lifeguards and Instructors that taught me how to swim who sparked my interest in aquatics. To any youth interested in becoming a part of the Volunteer Lifeguard Program I can definitely say it's the right thing for you. Not only does it help give you extra expereince and comfort in an aquatic setting, but it also helps you get to know the everyday hero's that work for our City.


Seniors/Older Adults
Seniors have been attending the Southlands Preschool Program once or twice a month to help with concept boards, games and activities. This has been a very rewarding experience for the volunteers whereby they have asked to go back multiple times. In the short time the volunteers have bonded with children and their parents. Children have left program talking about Ms. Pat, Ms. Gail, Ms. Brenda and Ms Gwennie. Not only are the volunteers making an impact on the children, but the volunteers are benefiting greatly from this experience. As staff we have seen the positive impact the children are making on our volunteers lives through the joy and the smiles on their faces, it's giving them opportuniites to revisit their past and special moments in their lives.

Brenda Morris- It's relaxing and rewarding and something I'm REALLY enjoying.

Pat Learning- It gets me out of the house and mixing with children who I adore and care about. This is a heavenly pleasure they are like little angels to me.

Gail Chaulk- Working with the children makes me feel young again, they are so much fun!

My name is Rachel Kenny and I volunteer with the Pursing Active Lifestyles Program (PALS). Volunteering with PALS each week is one of my favorite things to do because I have met so many amazing people who I love hanging out with and who have taught me so much. The environment is always positive  and there are many activities to take part in inlcuding: crafts, swimming, dancing and socials. I have developed very special relationships with the participants as well as the other volunteers. Overall, it's been a very rewarding experience, one I hope to continue for a long time.