Mayor's Advisory Committee on Youth (M.A.C.Y.)

M.A.C.Y. (Mayor's Advisory Committee on Youth) is an excellent means for youth to "have a voice" and be heard in the City of St. John's. As a Committee of the City Council, M.A.C.Y. provides a direct link between youth, youth serving agencies and the City Council.


Under the direction of Councillor Keith Coombs, the City of St. John's initiated a Task Force on Youth in 1999. This task force was established in response to the reoccurring incidents of vandalism in the city. Some of our youth were implicated in these incidents. As a result, many questions were raised. Some of the questions were:

  • What are youth doing with their spare time?
  • What programs and services are being offered?
  • What are youth interested in?
  • What are the barriers?

The established Task Force researched various youth needs and compiled a report with twelve recommendations. The first recommendation was the formation of a Mayor's Advisory Committee on Youth. This committee was established to ensure that youth have a voice and an opportunity to be heard within St. John's City Council.


  • To further enhance the lines of communication between youth, youth service agencies and the City of St. John's for the identification of possible youth issues.
  • To identify and address, through a variety of mechanisms, issues and concerns affecting youth within the City of St. John's.
  • To provide City Council and City of St. John's staff, advice and recommendations on relevant issues affecting youth.

For more information or to become a member, please contact the Youth Services Coordinator at 576-8500.