Sunday, September 22, 2019 - 3:45 PM

Allandale Road Repairs after Watermain Break

On Friday, Sept. 20 a watermain break damaged the southbound curb lane of Allandale Road, near the intersection with the Confederation Building.
The watermain is repaired and water is restored to the area.
The damaged section of Allandale Road is temporarily repaired to allow traffic flow. The current status of Allandale Road between Higgins Line and Prince Philip Drive is:

  • Closed:
    • Southbound curb lane
  • Open:
    • one southbound lane
    • both northbound lanes
    • shared left-turning lane
    • entrance/exit to Confederation Building and Nagle’s Place 

Commuters are urged to exercise caution and patience in the area, particularly during periods of high traffic volume. Motorists are reminded to drive to road conditions, to obey traffic markers and signs, posted speed limits and flagpersons.
The affected area will be paved this week and once completed all lanes of traffic will be open.