Monday, March 05, 2018 - 3:15 PM

Annual Capital Budget Projects Announced

Today, St. John’s City Council voted to approve the Annual Capital Budget for 2018. The plan includes approximately $23 million for capital projects.

“Many of the projects identified in the 2018 Capital Plan were previously determined in our three year Capital Plan 2016-18,” explained Councillor Dave Lane, Council lead for Finance and Administration. “The strength in developing budget plans over the long term allows Council to better plan for expenses and to manage public resources more effectively. However, as we are now at the end of a three-year cycle much of the capital expenditures have already been committed.”

Capital projects cover a wide range of services including transportation improvements, water and sanitary service upgrades, housing projects, grants to community groups, snow clearing equipment, and playground infrastructure. Examples of projects previously committed in the Capital Plan 2016-18 include replacement of the H.G.R. Mews Community Centre, replacement of the City’s fleet, and upgrades to water infrastructure.

With previously committed items aside, a net of $7.9 million has been identified in available funding for 2018. New projects approved today include:

  • A Metrobus Review ($110,000)
  • Council Chambers Accessibility Upgrades ($200,000)
  • Enhancements to Victoria Park ($700,000)
  • $1.5 million for Cumberland Crescent storm sewer replacement
  • $1 million for Yellow Marsh area storm water detention project
  • $900 thousand for King George V Turf replacement 

A full list of approved capital projects for 2016-2018 is available on the City’s website.

Media Contact:
Kelly Maguire
Media Relations
City of St. John's