Monday, August 13, 2018 - 3:00 PM

Bake Sale Fundraiser for REAL

chocolate frosted cupcakes

In July 2018 the City's Recreation Division offered a one-week day camp for ages 10 to 12 to develop leadership skills, confidence and to learn planning skills to best share their time and talents that can benefit the community.

Early in the week the Explore Leadership Camp participants chose to undertake a bake sale at the Paul Reynolds Community Centre, and that proceeds would be donated to the REAL program. One of the children said "I hope we raise enough money to put one child in hockey" - this requires approximately $200 through REAL.

The bake sale was a resounding success and the Explore Leadership Camp children presented a cheque to REAL for $655.80!

The children’s level of ownership was so high and they did a great job serving their customers with confidence. 
A big thank you to the children, their families, and Recreation staff who baked goods to contribute, and to the Explore Leadership Camp staff who guided the children in developing their leadership skills through this community service fundrasier.

We are all very proud of the camp participants, and are delighted at the response from the public who purchased baked goods to donate to this worthy endeavour. It’s so nice to see children take a lead and invest in their peers!