Tuesday, July 28, 2015 - 6:00 PM

City Council Approves Automated Garbage Collection

Yesterday, City Council voted to approve automated garbage collection for the City of St. John’s, to be rolled out over a three to five year period.  Automated garbage collection, used in many cities throughout Canada, consists of specially designed wheeled carts for each household or unit and collection vehicles equipped with automated arms to pick up the carts.
“The automated garbage system will be rolled out in three to five phases, and will provide many benefits to residents, staff, and the City as a whole,” said Councillor Jonathan Galgay, Chair of the Public Works Standing Committee. “The carts will reduce litter, rodent and pest problems on our streets, eliminate the need for garbage nets and blankets, and will offer increased efficiency as it reduces occupational health and safety hazards for staff responsible for manual garbage pick-up.”
With the current garbage trucks aging and in need of replacement, now is the time for City Council to move towards mechanical garbage collection.
“The cost for the upgrade to automated garbage is approximately $4.1 million, the bulk of which is for the cost of the carts,” said Councillor Danny Breen, Chair of the Standing Committee on Finance and Administration.  “The funding will come from the capital works budget and will be spread out over a three to five year period. Residents will not be required to pay any additional fees for the new standard size garbage cart.”
There are certain areas in the City, predominantly within the downtown core, that will be exempt from automated garbage collection for logistical reasons.  The City of St. John’s will do an evaluation of the garbage routes and more information will be provided in the future.
Public information and engagement sessions will take place, ward by ward, prior to implementation.