Tuesday, February 12, 2019 - 11:00 AM

Council Announces Engagement on Capital Budget for 2019

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Today, St. John’s City Council launched an engagement process for the capital budget for 2019. The proposed plan includes nearly $20 million for capital projects.

“Following the successful engagement process for Budget 2019-2021, Council wants to provide an opportunity for the public to see our proposed capital projects for 2019 in advance of approving the plan,” explained Councillor Dave Lane Council lead for Finance and Administration. “Residents are invited to review the plan, now posted on engagestjohns.ca and provide us with their feedback and suggestions. We are specifically looking for feedback on certain types of projects like transportation priorities.”

Capital projects cover a wide range of services including transportation improvements, water and sanitary service upgrades, housing projects, grants to community groups, snow clearing equipment, and playground infrastructure.

The City’s capital program is determined on an annual basis and funded primarily from an allocation of the city’s operating budget.

The full list and budget breakdown of all proposed projects for 2019 is available at engagestjohns.ca. Engagement is open until February 26, 2019, at which point Council will review at Committee of the Whole and then vote on and approve the final list at a regular meeting.

Media Contact:
Kelly Maguire
Media Relations
City of St. John's