Tuesday, December 17, 2019 - 1:45 PM

Ice Making Has Begun at The Loop

City staff have begun the ice making process at The Loop in Bannerman Park; however, it is not suitable for skating at this time.

The recent ground and surface temperatures, and those forecast for this week, have been low enough to begin the ice making process. Ice is built in layers 1/16 of an inch thickness to a final thickness of one inch. Progress is dependent on weather conditions.

Please stay off The Loop until the opening is officially announced. Completing the surfacing at the Loop as quickly possibly relies on two things; the right weather conditions and cooperation from the public as the layers of ice are formed.

Once the final layer of ice making is complete the City will update the public when the Loop is open for general skating. For up to date information about The Loop, call The Loop Line at 733-LOOP (5667).