Monday, May 25, 2015 - 7:00 PM

New Software Improves Inspection Process

Worker with safety vest and gloves uses an iPad

Beginning this month, City of St. John’s Building Inspectors will be armed with a new technology that will improve the inspection process for both the public and inspectors alike. Inspectors now have access to a new app that will allow them to complete their work electronically, and at the site.
“City Reporter© will keep our inspectors in the field and on the job site, where they are meant to be,” explained Councillor Tom Hann, Chair of the Standing Committee on Planning, Development and Engineering. “Typically, inspectors spend a significant amount of time generating paper work. Thanks to this new technology, our inspectors will need to spend less time in the office, permits will be generated more quickly and deficiencies will be reported faster so that they can also be acted upon in a timely manner – everyone benefits, from the City to the builder to the homeowner.”
Inspectors will now complete and file their reports electronically, using a uniform checklist, and clerical supports will have immediate access to their findings to issue notices and permits.
“Our builder members welcome this new technology,” said Victoria Belbin, CEO of the Canadian Home Builder’s Association – Newfoundland Labrador. “The new technology allows the builder and inspector to communicate in real time and, ultimately, we are able to go through the inspection process in a much more efficient and effective way.”
Permits are required for the repair, construction, addition and renovation of commercial and residential buildings to protect the public and individual citizens by ensuring that your new house, for example, is built properly; that the structural components are adequate for the house design; that the electrical wiring is safe from the service mast to the outlet; that the plumbing system delivers water properly and safely removes wastes; and that your home provides adequate protection from weather.
Once issued, permits allow for the necessary follow-up inspection to ensure that work is undertaken according to the proper code or standard. Information on how to apply for the appropriate building permit is available on the City’s website.
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