Monday, June 01, 2015 - 4:30 PM

New Strategic Plan & Advisory Committee Recommendations

strategic plan cover with colourful row houses and a directional arrow saying We are Here

Council has approved and adopted a four-year strategic plan for the City of St. John’s. The plan sets the policy direction for the City and incorporates the directions expressed and adopted within other plans such as the Parks and Open Spaces Master Plan, the Recreation Master Plan, Economic Roadmap 2021 and Envision St John’s Municipal Plan. 

Over the past year under the leadership of the City Manager, the Office of Strategy and Engagement has been working with Council, Executive and our departments and programs on a set of strategic directions. “Adopting a strategic plan is an important piece of good corporate governance” explained Mayor Dennis O’Keefe. “We believe these directions will guide us towards achieving our vision for St. John’s; to be a vibrant city where we want to live.”
The plan sets the vision for St. John’s, values which define our intention (Continue to Do Things Better; Be Innovative; Create a Positive Environment; Be Respectful; and Take Ownership) and six strategic directions which provide focus in the development and delivery of programs and services:

  • Neighbourhoods Build Our City
  • A Culture of Cooperation
  • A City for All Seasons
  • Responsive and Progressive
  • Fiscally Responsible
  • Effective Organization

“As stewards of this plan, Council will ensure that our Executive and management teams will continue to deliver programs and services that align with the strategic directions,” said Deputy Mayor Ron Ellsworth, Chair of the City’s Audit and Accountability Standing Committee, through which progress on the plan will be monitored.

As a step towards achieving the City’s goals to be responsive and progressive, Council also adopted a new structure and governance considerations for its advisory committees, to be implemented within the next year. 

“Advisory committees are an important part of our efforts to engage with the public and seek guidance and perspective from experts and those with interests in a variety of areas in our community,” explained Mayor O’Keefe. “The new advisory committee structure more effectively defines the types of committees, working groups and task forces we currently require.”
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