Wednesday, April 12, 2017 - 3:00 PM

Our Avalon: Regional Planning


Planning at the municipal level is really about how lands are utilized and what infrastructure is required to support the zoned use. For example, how do we design and support city growth? What impacts do new construction have on the environment, traffic and the quality of life in a community?

The City of St. John’s is currently working with the province and our neighbouring municipalities on a new regional plan, which looks at planning and development issues that extend beyond the boundaries of a single municipality. "Our Avalon" will be the new Northeast Avalon Regional Plan (sometimes shortened to the NEAR Plan) and the participants are looking for your input. What are your priorities for the future of the region?

The original Regional Plan for the Northeast Avalon Peninsula was adopted in 1976 and is called the St. John's Urban Region Regional Plan. It directs community growth and regional infrastructure (such as new highways) throughout the Northeast Avalon Peninsula, and must be incorporated into individual municipal plans.

The goals of the 1976 Regional Plan have been largely realized, but a lot has changed in the decades since. Now is the time for a new comprehensive plan to guide future development and initiatives. Fifteen municipalities, including the City of St. John's, and the NL Department of Municipal Affairs are reviewing the Regional Plan. The process includes direct research by consultants, and consultation of the public through meetings and special events, as well as an online survey. It will result in a new Regional Plan containing new policies and a revised land use map to help municipalities of the Northeast Avalon make decisions in the context of an updated vision of the Region's future.

The new Northeast Avalon Regional Plan will respond to current issues including population growth, development demands, new economic opportunities and regional services. It will provide a fresh vision and address issues such as:

  • Preservation of coastal lands
  • Comprehensive land-use planning
  • Environmental protection
  • Vibrant communities
  • Regional transportation
  • Quality of life

When completed, the Northeast Avalon Regional Plan will be an overall planning and policy document guiding development, infrastructure and land use.
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