Wednesday, August 09, 2017 - 4:15 PM

Temporary Roundabout to be Installed at Kenmount Terrace

entrance to a roundabout

A mini-roundabout will be installed next week in Kenmount Terrace, at the intersection of Great Eastern Drive and Petite Forte Drive as part of a traffic pilot project. Construction for the temporary roundabout will begin on August 14 and the roundabout will be in place until late fall.

“This location has been identified by our transportation engineers as an ideal location to trial a modern mini-roundabout,” said Councillor Sandy Hickman, Chair of the Police and Traffic Committee. “Mini-roundabouts are small and simple compared to larger roundabouts. We hope this one will be less intimidating to unfamiliar motorists, and it should enhance safety for all road and sidewalk users.”

The roundabout will be constructed using temporary re-usable materials. During the trial period, staff will monitor the area to collect traffic data. Near the end of the pilot project a public survey will be circulated to gather direct feedback from those affected. Once evaluation is complete the results will be shared with City Council who will then determine if a mini-roundabout will become a permanent feature for the intersection.

“Roundabouts are recognized worldwide for effective traffic calming,” said Ward 4 Councillor Sheilagh O’Leary. “The residents of Kenmount Terrace have expressed traffic and safety concerns to me, and this is a possible solution as the roundabout is expected reduce speed and improve safety.”

For information about using a roundabout please visit the city’s website:
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