Monday, May 06, 2019 - 5:30 PM

What’s Next For Bowring Park?

Flower bed at Bowring Park in St.John's

The Bowring Park Foundation and the City of St. John’s are looking for input into the question: “What’s next for Bowring Park?” The engagement process kicks off May 6, 2019 and runs until mid-June. There are numerous opportunities to provide feedback including at and in-person at Bowring Park and other key locations throughout the City.

In 2005, the Foundation and the City partnered on the development of a Bowring Park Master Plan which set out a series of recommendations for upgrading the park. From that plan, a ten-year development strategy helped the Foundation acquire funding to implement specific projects. Now that most of these projects are complete, it’s time to look at what’s needed in the park or where improvements can be made.

“Bowring Park is the jewel of the West end of the city, a place where people can connect and be actively engaged in community life,” said Jamie Korab, Council representative on the Bowing Park Foundation. “As the Foundation undertakes its plans for the next few years, it’s important for us to look at how people use the park or want to use the park in the future and what new amenities may be needed or upgraded to build on this community space.”

Projects completed to date include such things as the addition of the splash pad and new pool house as well as restoration of the Fountain Pond and improved lighting.

“As the Foundation develops its plan for the future, we want to ensure we are focusing on the right things to improve the experience of those who enjoy the park,” said Ashley Power-Stack, Chair of the Bowring Park Foundation. “We want to undertake an engagement process to both have a conversation on what facilities and improvements the public would like to see in the park, and also celebrate the many accomplishments the Foundation, the City and our community partners have made since the development of the 2005 Master Plan.”

Bowring Park has provided a welcoming public space for people of all ages and of all abilities to connect with each other for over 100 years.  Some come to enjoy quiet leisure activities, others come to actively participate in programs and others to use services. The connections people make in this park help build healthy vibrant communities.

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