Policy: 04-04-01
Policy on Requests for Grants & Subsidies

Passed By Council on:11/09/2015

The City of St. John’s Grants and Subsidies Program will make available limited financial and other resources to non-profit groups, organizations and individuals whose application supports the City’s Strategic Directions.

Policy Statement
1. To facilitate and ensure community enrichment and engagement.

2. To improve the well-being of the community.

3. To support youth travel in sport, academic or leadership initiatives. Requests will be accepted from individuals and groups/teams in this category.

4. To assist non-profit groups or organizations within the City to construct or renovate community facilities where the applicant can demonstrate the need for the proposed facility as well as the ability to maintain it and fund the programs to be provided in the facility.

1. To provide City funds or other forms of assistance in limited amounts to community groups, individuals and organizations that warrant City support.

2. To ensure that all applications are evaluated on a consistent and equitable basis utilizing the evaluation criteria.

3. To ensure that funds provided to applicants are used for the purposes intended. Groups and organizations will be held accountable for the appropriate use of the funds as deemed appropriate by the Committee.

4. To ensure that the Grants and Subsidies Program remains responsible to community needs by reviewing and amending, where necessary, the Program guidelines.

1. GRANTS - refers to direct dollar payments to recipient groups and organizations paid out from the general revenue of the City of St. John's.

2. SUBSIDIES - refers to assistance provided to recipient groups and organizations in lieu of direct dollar payments. Often referred to as in-kind.

3. COMMITTEE - refers to the Grants Review Committee which will be comprised of members from Dept. of Finance, Dept. of Community Services, City Clerk and Experts Panel where deemed necessary.

Community Groups & Organizations
Non-profit groups and organizations seeking financial assistance to run programs and services that are educational, multicultural, recreational or inclusive and take place within the City of St. John’s.

2. Special Events & Festivals
Non-profit organizations producing multi-faceted events of one or more days, taking place within the City of St. John’s. Events should; generate economic activity, showcase and develop cultural assets, enrich the life of the community, enhance community engagement and appeal to a varied audience.

3. Sporting Groups & Organizations
Non-profit organizations that enhance participation primarily in youth sport and/or maximize use of facilities. Eligible sporting groups and organizations must be sanctioned by a Provincial Sport Governing Body.

4. Capital Grants to Community Groups
Non-profit groups and organizations seeking financial assistance for the construction, expansion or renovation of a facility that will meet a demonstrated need in the areas of recreational, cultural or other community service.

5. Youth Travel: Sport & Non-Sport
Youth is defined as up to 25 years of age when registered and attending secondary or a post- secondary institution.

Youth Sport Travel
Travel funding assistance is available to youth residents of St. John’s who have won the right to participate in amateur championship sporting events. Funding for such travel is restricted to atlantic, national or international events.

Youth Non-Sport Travel
Travel funding assistance is available to youth residents of St. John’s who are travelling out of province to attend formally sponsored symposiums, conferences, seminars, competitions, etc. dealing with a wide range of interests including educational, cultural, social, political, which are designed and deemed to broaden ones horizons in these disciplines.

In order for an application to be considered under the Grants and Subsidies Program, it must meet the following criteria:

1. Groups or organizations must be physically located within the municipal boundaries of the City of St. John's and must clearly indicate that they intend to use the requested funds to make their services available to any citizen in the St. John's community.

2. Groups or organizations should be incorporated and registered (for income tax purposes) as a non-profit corporation. Proof of the incorporation must be submitted with the Grants and Subsidies Application.

3. Since volunteers are viewed as an integral component in the provision of community services, the group or organization must show evidence of volunteer involvement in the provision of its services.

4. The group or organization shall have an independent active governing body (Board of Directors) composed of volunteers. Its main responsibility shall be policy and program development and the acquisition of funds from other sources. The Board is held responsible for the effectiveness of services provided and financial accountability for funds received from all sources.

5. Applications from individuals will only be considered in the category of youth travel sport and non-sport.

The following are not considered under the Grants and Subsidies Program:

1. Research
2. Travel other than Youth Sport and Non-Sport
3. Payment of City property taxes or any fees owed to the City
4. Operating or capital deficits incurred in prior years
5. Agencies that are primarily funding bodies to other organizations
6. Capital maintenance or repair costs
7. Provision of services which are clearly within the legislated mandates of other levels of government
8. Events, or any part of, that generate funds for other organizations
9. Professional development
10. Awards events
11. Protests or political events
12. General maintenance
13. Funding shortfalls
14. Any facility used primarily to earn rental income

1. Assistance provided under the Grants and Subsidies Program will be for the period of one year commencing January 1, ending December 31.

2. The granting of assistance in any one year is not to be construed as a commitment by the City of St. John's to continue such assistance in subsequent years.

1. The group or organization must demonstrate strong managerial responsibility, capability, program planning, organization, and evaluation in carrying out its service to the community.

2. The organization must demonstrate effective and appropriate use of the requested funds and indicate how the service/facility will relate to other existing services in the community or how the service/facility will create or enhance recreational, cultural or other community activities.

3. The City agrees that there shall be no discrimination, interference, restriction, or
coercion exercised with respect to any applicant by reason of social economic status, age, race, creed, colour, national origin, religion, political affiliation or activity, sexual orientation, gender, marital status, or physical handicap, or for any reason prohibited by the Human Rights legislation.

4. If the organization is operating under the auspices of a religious body, it must have a distinct line of separation within its programs and budgets between strictly religious activities and its service programs.

5. The group or organization shall show evidence that it has fully explored other sources of financial support and partnerships, including other levels of government, foundations, and private industry to support its program; and in the case of a capital grant, that it has examined and weighed the financial ability of the people served, or to be served, to support the capital and operating costs of the proposed facility.

6. The requested financial assistance should not be used to replace financial assistance by other funding authorities, either private or public.

7. A group or organization receiving financial assistance from the City of St. John's should not act in the capacity of a funding body for, or make grants to, any other group or organization.

8. A group or organization must be willing to ensure that standards of service are being met. It must also indicate a willingness to participate in an evaluation process of its service standard and attainment of objectives if requested by the Committee.

9. A group or organization receiving 80% of its funding from other levels of government will not be considered for a grant. It is assumed that such a group or organization is adequately funded by the government sector and should be sufficiently supported by the private sector to meet the additional 20% funding needed. The Committee may make exceptions to this guideline where deemed acceptable.

10. The group or organization requesting assistance must illustrate that the private or non- governmental sector has contributed, as a minimum, 20% of the funding for the program. The Committee may make exceptions to this guideline where deemed acceptable.

11. The group or organization must extend its service to the general public in the City of St. John’s and shall not exclude anyone and shall be accessible.

12. The City may contribute a maximum of 50% of the capital costs of a project. The capital grants budget will be capped at $500,000. This 50% takes into account all forms of City assistance, including cash grants, provision of in-kind services (including labour, machinery and materials).


Department of Community Services, Department of Finance & City Clerk.



Monitoring and Contravention

Community Services & Housing Standing Committee, May 31, 2016; Regular Meeting of Council June 13, 2016

Review Period