Getting Around St. John's

Getting Around St. John's

Getting around St. John's is easy whether you choose to walk, hire a taxi, drive, take a bus or cycle.

Walking is an excellent way to experience St. John's, especially in the downtown area. In the downtown, Harbour Drive, Water Street and Duckworth Street  run parallel to each other and contain a variety of restaurants, shops, galleries and other businesses and attractions. As you venture further north from the harbour, you'll climb some steep hills many of which contain the multi-coloured homes and buildings for which St. John's is famous.

St. John's also has extraordinary walking trails that offer a unique way to see the city. The Grand Concourse is an integrated trail system spanning St. John's and the neighbouring communities of Mount Pearl and Paradise. Approximately 125 km in length, the Grand Concourse links a series of rivers, lakes and ponds, parks and green spaces, providing access to the beautiful natural features of the metro region. 

Several taxi companies operate in St. John's and surrounding communities 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Taxis are available at the exit of the arrivals area at St. John's International Airport.

General taxi meter rates start at $3.75.  Some taxis offer child car seats upon request. Passenger vans are also available upon request. Taxi companies can also provide city tours, speak with a driver for details and rates. 

Taxi companies and phone numbers are:

Company Name  Telephone Number
Avalon Taxi 709-722-6070
Bugden's Taxi 709-722-4400
Casino Taxi
*accessible available upon request
Executive Taxi
*accessible available upon request
Goulds Taxi 709-747-7800
City Wide Taxi 709-722-0003
Jiffy Cabs 709-722-2222
Newfound Cabs
*accessible taxis are available
15 passenger buses available for hire
North West Taxi 709-364-1683
Valley Cabs 709-368-6001

Water Street in downtown St. John'sDriving in St. John's is relatively easy and traffic jams are rare. If you are renting a vehicle, we recommend you book in advance. A list of car rental companies can be found in the Car Rentals section of Plan Your Visit.

You may wish to use a Global Positioning System (GPS), as streets in St. John's do not follow a grid plan. One-way streets are common in the downtown and several intersections meet at 'interesting' angles. Use caution and observe signage. Parking metres are common in the downtown area and are generally in effect from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday. The Park Card is a cashless way to use parking meters operated by the City of St. John's. Park Cards can be purchased at St. John's City Hall, 10 New Gower Street, in any increments between a minimum of $20 to a maximum of $100. An additional two dollar fee will apply to the purchase of each Park Card.  Some residential areas in the downtown require parking permits for on-street parking.

Seat belt use is mandatory in Newfoundland and Labrador and using a cell phone while driving is prohibited. If you are doing highway driving outside the city, always be alert to the possibility of moose. Moose are unpredictable and can cause serious accidents.  Be especially cautious between dusk and dawn when visibility is reduced.  Slow down, be alert and observe the warning signs that indicate high risk areas.

Public Transit
If public transit is your choice, St. John's offers Metrobus service throughout the city. The cash fare for one adult is $2.50 and Children (5-17) is $2.00 exact change is required. M-Cards (monthly, semester or multiple ride passes) can be purchased at various locations throughout the City including the Metrobus Transit Centre on Freshwater Road, downtown at St. John's City Hall (Access St. John's Service Centre) on New Gower Street, as well as at the Avalon Mall, Kenmount Road. M-Cards may also be purchased online at the Metrobus website. All low-floor Metrobuses offer free wi-fi.To find more information regarding bus passes, routes and schedules, please visit the Metrobus website.  

GoBus Accessible Transit is the St. John's area para-transit system. Its mandate is to provide persons with disabilities and those who are unable to access conventional transit equal access to a transportation system so as to enhance their participation in all aspects of community life. The goal is to ensure that accessible, affordable transportation is provided in a dignified and respectful manner.

Additional information on GoBus is available in the City Services section of the website.  GoBus inquiries should be directed to:

Phone: 709-570-2131
Fax: 709-722-0018

If bicycling is your thing, you'll be pleased to know that St. John's has developed a cycling plan to encourage and facilitate a more active lifestyle, decrease reliance on motor transportation, and contribute to the present and future health of the community. For more information on cycling in St. John's, please refer to the Bike St. John's website.  All cyclists are required to wear a bicycle helmet.