Citizen Satisfaction Survey

Citizen Satisfaction Survey

As a statistically valid tool, a citizen satisfaction survey provides an excellent input to the ongoing measurement, benchmarking and improvement of public service performance. Citizen surveys are used by municipalities across the country to better understand citizens’ views about the delivery of public service, their expectations, and what they see as priorities.

As a key component of its accountability framework, the City intends to conduct a citizen satisfaction survey every two years.

Key objectives of the survey include:
•             Providing input into the City’s strategic planning and budget processes;
•             Identifying and confirming strategic priorities;
•             Identifying priority issues, programs and services;
•             Gauging citizen awareness, perception of, and satisfaction with, City programs and services;
•             Identifying gaps or opportunities in services;
•             Providing data for the City’s ongoing organizational performance management and continuous improvement efforts.

In March 2018, the City contracted MQO Research to conduct the City’s first ever Citizen Satisfaction Survey. A total of 502 surveys were completed (313 landline/189 cell) resulting in an overall margin of error of +/- 4.4 percentage points 19 times out of 20. Click here for the full report.

In 2020, the survey was repeated via telephone between October 24 and November 15, 2020. A total of 501 surveys were completed (298 landline / 203 cell) using a stratified sampling approach, resulting in an overall margin of error of +/- 4.4 percentage points 19 times out of 20. 100 surveys were completed in each of the five wards. Click here for the full report.