Environment and Sustainability Experts Panel

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The Environment and Sustainability Experts Panel provides expertise, opinion, and perspective about environmental and sustainability matters.  This includes the City of St. John’s energy intensity, greenhouse gas emissions, adaptation resilience, and environment.  The Environment and Sustainability Experts Panel is responsible for assisting in the progress of environmental and sustainability matters in the City of St. John’s.  Specifically, the Committee will:

  • Provide expert opinion on environment and sustainability matters to Council via the Committee of the Whole to advance the strategic direction of a sustainable City of St. John’s.
  • Review environmental requirements for new development or re-development within the City when referred by Council or through the development review process.
  • Support the development and implementation of the City of St. John’s Sustainability Plan.
  • Provide recommendations and evidence on best practices enabling Evidence Based Decision Making to support the environmental and sustainability goals and objectives of the City of St. John’s.

For more information on this Panel contact Jennifer Squires, Legislative Assistant.

 Name  Expertise
 Joel Finnis, PhD  Climate Science & Resilience
 Vacant  Sustainable Urban Planning & Economic Growth
 Kieran Hanley, MBA  Sustainable Economic Growth
 Krista Langthorne, BA, SEBT  Resilience & Natural Resources
 Pablo Navarro  Socio-cultural & Quality of Life
 Joseph Daraio, PhD, PEng  Sustainable Urban Planning & Resilience
 Michel Wawrzkow, PEng, PGeo  Natural Environment & Resilience

Minutes and Agendas can be found on the calendar.

For further information on the Panel's mandate and membership composition, please refer to the Terms of Reference.