Economic Data

Economic Data

State of the Economy Publication CoverThe City of St. John's develops and disseminates a variety of economic and statistical information. Demographic information can help your business, association or nonprofit to find out about your community. 

The Economic Snapshot is a newsletter of the City of St. John’s highlighting economic indicators, upcoming business events and recent business news for the St. John’s metro area. Sign up here to receive these directly to your email inbox.

Other publications include semi-annual economic review and forecasting reports, a State of the Economy report and demographic reports, including population projections. To access these and other reports, please go to the Publications section of the website.

The City of St. John's undertook a residential survey administered February to July 2016 designed to gather information and perspectives from residents. This citizen survey provided data for a number of geographies: the St. John’s CMA, the city of St. John’s as a whole, and the city of St. John’s as divided into five geographic areas. All data can be found in Publications under the Business Reports heading.

The City's Business Information Centre can also provide direction and assistance to help you find market intelligence information, labour force and other data.

Other sources of economic data include: