Strategic Sectors

Strategic Sectors

St. John's harbour and the downtownOver the past decade, St. John’s has been energized as a hub of economic activity. Fuelled by offshore petroleum and a wealth of other natural resources, this is a city that has made significant strides forward. Several strategic sectors offer considerable opportunity for future economic growth and diversification. 

With its distinct and original arts community,  St. John’s has become recognized as a vibrant cultural centre. The attractiveness and livability of the city are inherently tied to the arts but artists also make a significant economic contribution to the region. 

St. John’s has garnered an international reputation for its expertise in offshore energy and  ocean technology. The city has a critical base of research facilities, companies and expertise related to offshore petroleum development and ocean engineering technologies. Local expertise in harsh environments has specific application to new opportunities emerging in other jurisdictions around the world including in the North.

St. John's has also emerged as a unique and compelling tourism destination. St. John’s offers visitors an intriguing blend of history, culture and natural experiences, all within an urban setting. Tourism makes an important contribution to the St. John’s economy and compelling marketing campaigns are increasing awareness and opening opportunities for future growth. 

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