Governance in a Changing North Atlantic

Repeats every week every Tuesday and every Thursday until Thu Oct 01 2020 .
Tuesday, September 15, 2020 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm

Governance in a Changing North Atlantic Ocean:

A Webinar Series for Sustainable Ocean and Viable Fishing Communities


Fall 2020


The ocean and our relationship to it has undergone several transformations over the last decades, moving rapidly from the once prosperous groundfish fishery to shellfish and pelagics, and now again facing shifts in resource abundance while climate change proceeds amidst uncertain socio-economic scenarios. From taking stock to getting it right, Ocean Frontier Institute’s Research Module I ‘Informing Governance Responses in a Changing Ocean’ aims to understand the consequences of social, ecological, economic and institutional changes for the future of fisheries, coastal communities and the economy of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. In doing so, we also explore options for governments and other governing actors to respond to these changes in order to help achieve sustainable ocean and viable future for fishing communities in the province.


The webinar series ‘Governance in a Changing North Atlantic Ocean’ organized by OFI Module I is a forum for researchers, governments, industries and communities to share knowledge and discuss key governance issues, such as access to fisheries resources and markets, recruitment, training and retention into fisheries, people’s perceptions, values and knowledge of the ocean, marine operational health and safety, vulnerability and viability of coastal communities, indigenous fisheries and fisher’s knowledge of groundfish fisheries. Outputs from the webinar will be used in the preparation of the “Getting It Right” event to be held in 2021.


All webinars will be open to the public and held at noon (Newfoundland time) on Tuesdays and Thursdays from September 15 to October 1, 2020. No registration is required. 


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