Heritage Areas, Heritage Buildings and Public Views Report

Publication Date: 
Friday, March 21, 2003

The City of St. John’s is experiencing a period of renewed interest in the downtown. The strongest growth has been in the residential sector, followed by commercial renovation projects. There is an indication that new and larger projects are on the horizon. It has been recognized and documented in the 'Downtown St. John’s Strategy for Economic Development and Heritage Preservation' that the heritage character of most of the buildings and the spectacular views of and from the downtown, have been major contributing factors regarding the renewed interest in the downtown.
The City of St. John’s commissioned this study to look at three key issues:

  • To examine the boundaries of the St. John’s heritage areas and determine whether they should be changed, by adding or deleting neighbourhoods and streets, and also to describe the main characteristics that need to be protected.
  • To recommend specific properties that should be designated as heritage buildings and to coordinate these lists and criteria with provincial and federal agencies.
  • To identify and rank significant public views and scenic corridors, and recommend how best to protect them for public enjoyment. Primarily these views are in Downtown St. John’s, but also include significant public views elsewhere in the city.