Animal Impounding

Animal Impounding

Humane Services VehicleAnimals that are not kept confined on the owner's property will be impounded.

From the Animal Control Regulation:
Section 7
(1) The Officer may seize and impound:

(a) every Animal found at large;
(b) every Dog not wearing a collar and tag while off the premises of the Owner and not accompanied by a person responsible.

(2) The Officer shall make all reasonable efforts to identify and contact the Owner of every stray Animal received, whether the Animal is living or dead.

(3) Every Animal shall be provided with clean food and water and sheltered in sanitary conditions. The Animal shall remain impounded for a minimum of five days or for the length of time prescribed by provincial legislation, unless the Animal is claimed by its rightful Owner. If not claimed within that time, the Animal shall become the property of the City.

(4) Where in the opinion of the Officer, in consultation with a veterinarian, an impounded Animal is injured or ill and should be destroyed without delay for humane reasons or for reasons of safety to persons, the Animal may be euthanized humanely.

(5) Where an impounded Animal seized and impounded is injured or ill and is treated by a veterinarian, the City shall, in addition to any impoundment fees, be entitled to charge the person claiming the Animal for the cost of the treatment.

(6) During the impoundment period, the Owner may claim the Animal upon proof of ownership of the Animal and payment to the City of:

(a) the appropriate licence fee where the Dog is not licensed;
(b) applicable impoundment fees; and (Amended 2012/07/10; #1558)
(c) veterinary fees where applicable.

(7) An Animal that is impounded and not claimed by the Owner within the time provided in subsection (3) may:

(a) be adopted for such fees as may be established; or
(b) be euthanized by humane methods. 

Animals running at large are brought in by members of the public as well as picked up by our Animal Control officers.  An animal running at large creates a safety issue for the public as well as for the animal themselves.  Animals running at large can be subject to being hit by cars, attacked by other animals or unable to find their way home. 

All animals admitted to the shelter receive quality care and medical attention if required by our onsite Veterinarian. 

Our goal is to reunite animals with their owners as quickly as possible. Lost and found records are checked to cross match an animal to their owners.  Please make sure you call 311 to report your pet missing or view our stray pets list or adoptable animals. 

All animals brought into the shelter are held for 5 days to try and locate an owner.  If an owner is not located the animal becomes available for adoption. 

If your animal is impounded, there are fees to pay upon release of the animal.   The fees increase for each time the animal is admitted to the shelter in a 12 month period.

First Impound Fee $50
Second Impound Fee $75
Third and any subsequent incidents within a 12 month period $100
Ward Fee (charged for every 24 hours the animal is held at the shelter) $11.50

Additional Fees:

  • If the animal is not registered with the City of St. John’s the owner will have to pay an additional $15 to have the animal licensed, as outlined in Section 6 of the Animal Control Regulations.
  • The owner will be responsible for any drugs, medication or supplies used by the shelter veterinarian before the animal is released.

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