Building being demolished by a piece of heavy equipmentA permit is required for the demolition of any residential or commercial building in the City. All applications are received and permits issued at the Inspection Services, third floor of the John J. Murphy Building (City Hall annex).

Prior to a permit being issued the following is required to be forwarded to the Inspector;

  • Written confirmation from Newfoundland Power that the electrical service has been disconnected.
  • Written confirmation from a recognized Pest Control Agency that the building has been inspected and treated.
  • Confirmation, from the Water and Wastewater Division of the City's Department of Public Works, that a Water Deferral Permit has been obtained and disconnect has been approved. Click here for more information.
  • If it is necessary to cut the street/sidewalk a Street Excavation Permit is also required from the Roads Division, City's Department of Public Works. Click here for more information.
  • Any asbestos contained within a building to be demolished must be removed in compliance with Provincial Government Asbestos Abatement Regulations. Written verification will be required from the Government Services Centre (GSC).
  • Any fuel storage tanks must be removed or abandoned in compliance with Provincial Government's Environmental Regulations. Written verification will be required from the GSC.
  • Applications for demolitions of buildings in the Heritage Area must be reviewed by the Heritage Advisory Committee before a permit may be issued and their recommendations dealt with by Council.
  • Provide a hazardous materials report from an approved private consultant identifying all hazardous materials and location within the project area. The building owner is responsible to have the report on site and to provide for the safe containment and removal of all hazardous materials (through approved contractors).
  • If an attached property party wall will have to be upgraded to meet current standards and Building Inspector requirements.

Once a permit is issued the demolition must proceed in accordance with the National Building Code and Canadian Standards Association's requirements for safety at demolition sites.

The demolition process must include removal of all foundation material and restoration of the site with suitable fill, graded to match the surrounding properties as well as party wall repairs when required.

Please refer to the Schedule of Rates page for more information on permit costs.