By-Laws and Violations

By-Laws and Violations

Burnt out vehicle left in the woodsBy-Law Enforcement
Inspection staff are responsible for the enforcement of various property By-Laws for the upkeep of existing buildings and properties, as well as respond to complaints regarding private properties and occupants concerns. For example our staff investigate things such as car wrecks; garbage and debris on property; the general condition of a property, i.e. if deemed to be in need of repair and/or paint; deteriorated fences or decks; noise complaints and unapproved business occupancies. Upon inspection, owners of properties found to be in violation are issued notices to upgrade. Failure to comply with the requirement of the notice may result in legal action in Provincial Court or work being carried out by a contractor hired by the City with the cost of the work charged against the property.

Once complaints are received by this division they are assigned a priority. Those of a life safety nature are given a very high priority and are acted upon immediately.

Ticketing of Violations
Under the City of St. John's Act the City now has the authority to issue tickets for violations of various By-Laws and Regulations. The fine is set by provincial law at $100 per violation (i.e. if a person is found to be in violation of several sections of the same By-Law he/she can be issued a separate ticket for each section violated and each ticket will attract a $100 fine).

Garbage outside a residential propertyOnce a ticket has been issued and served the City cannot cancel it. If the property/business owner wishes to contest the ticket he/she must do so by completing the bottom section of the ticket and submit it to Provincial Court within the required time frame as noted on the ticket. The property/business owner will be advised of the trial date by the Provincial Court. Failure to appear at a trial date set by the Provincial Court could result in a conviction being entered against the property/business owner. If a property/business owner does not contest a ticket within the specified time he will be deemed to have pled guilty and a conviction will be entered against him by the Provincial Court. If a property/business owner does not contest the ticket or is otherwise convicted by the Provincial Court he must pay all fines at the Provincial Court within the time so ordered by the Court. Failure to pay fines within the time ordered by the Provincial Court will result in the unpaid fines becoming a tax lien against the property where the violation(s) occurred.

Tickets may be issued for violations of the following By-Laws and Regulations: