Non-Profit Housing

Non-Profit Housing

Non-Profit Housing

The City of St. John’s Non-Profit Housing Division is responsible for the management of 476 residential rental units throughout the city. These houses and apartments vary in size from one to four-bedroom units and are available for rent to low income earners based on their family net income. Net income is defined as gross income minus mandatory income tax deduction, EI and CPP deductions.

The type of housing provided by the City ranges from a 65-unit apartment building on Hamilton Avenue to infill in the downtown core. While most of the housing provided by the City is in the Downtown area, we do provide housing as far east as Forest Road and as far west as Brookfield Road.

At the City of St. John’s, we believe that everyone deserves access to a good place to live.

Opening the right door can change your life The City’s Non-Profit Housing Division has well maintained units available to rent for those on a tight budget.

If you are wondering about whether or not you might qualify for one of our units contact us:

Applications for Accommodation are available online, by phone or at our offices in the City Hall Annex, New Gower Street.


A great home may be just a call away.